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Nothing is stronger than the heart of a volunteer

Now in its 28th year, the National Disabled Veterans Golf Clinic has established itself as a world-class leader in adaptive golfing for injured Veterans. But nearly three decades of success would not be possible without the engine that makes it all go—the dedicated and selfless volunteer instructors, coaches and equipment fabricators.

At the clinic and throughout the rest of the year, DAV has numerous volunteer opportunities that enable interested individuals to continue giving back to the men and women who served.

DAV’s largest volunteer initiatives involve transporting Veterans to medical appointments and augmenting care and service in VA medical facilities, community living centers and clinics.

Volunteer duties are limitless, ranging from simply being a buddy to a Veteran during recovery or therapy to other more technical and professional opportunities. In 2021 alone, DAV volunteers provided nearly 2 million hours through the VA Voluntary Service Program, the DAV Transportation Network and the DAV Local Veterans Assistance Program (LVAP). This donated time is the equivalent of over 960 years of full-time work at a 40-hour-per-week average.

In 2007, DAV created LVAP for individuals who are interested in volunteering but do not live close enough to a VA medical center or who have special skills or talents they want to put to use helping our heroes. This program empowers volunteers to serve where they live and still receive the same incentive awards as those under the well-known VA Voluntary Service Program.

The options for volunteers under LVAP to provide direct assistance to Veterans and their families are virtually limitless. Volunteers can take on any task that might improve a Veteran’s life.

Since 1987, the nationwide DAV Transportation Network has provided rides to and from VA medical centers at no cost to Veterans. This unique program ensures Veterans, who may otherwise not be able to make their appointments, receive critical medical care. In 2021, volunteer drivers dedicated over 500,000 hours while covering almost 8 million miles driving Veterans to and from their medical appointments.

“Our volunteers offer their most precious resource—their time—to do their part in caring for wounded, ill and injured Veterans,” said DAV National Voluntary Services Director John Kleindienst. “Volunteering has a lasting impact on the lives of Veterans, even just an hour out of our days can change the lives of those who protected our nation.”


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