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Since 1994, the National Disabled Veterans Golf Clinic has been host to disabled Veterans, caregivers and supporters who come to Iowa to experience all that the fairways and greens have to offer.

Veterans from all generations and all eras come to this exhilarating event each year to take part in friendly competition and to connect with those who share their unique bond as disabled Veterans. Some are returning to test their mettle once again, while first-time athletes will come to find the camaraderie and sense of belonging among their fellow brothers and sisters in arms.

But whether they are seasoned golfers or new to adaptive sports, one thing is for certain: they will accomplish things they never imagined, and some will do things they were told were impossible. And all will take advantage of the opportunity to prove that a person’s disabilities do not define them.

The clinic has been the place where disabled Veterans have rediscovered their athletic prowess for nearly three decades now, but none of that would be possible without the generosity and support of our exemplary sponsors. They deserve our appreciation and an understanding of the impact they have in the lives of our participants. These charitable individuals, nonprofits and companies recognize the bravery you displayed while serving our country and help ensure the clinic can continue year after year.

When you see a representative from one of the sponsors, please take a little time to thank them and tell them how much this clinic means to you. Thank you.


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